Deck Maintenance Season

Along with our usual landscaping and lawn maintenance offerings, Genesis Outdoor Services (GOS) has been providing deck maintenance services for the past couple years.  We are ramping up for the spring maintenance season and many of our clients are interested in deck maintenance since their decks are looking worn and tattered.

Deck maintenance involves a 3-step process:

  1. Powerwashing: GOS utilizes 2500+ PSI powerwashers to strip the wood of dirt, mildew, old stain, etc.  We typically take care of the decking, railings, spindles, stairs and risers.
  2. Inspection: GOS inspects the deck for nails or screws that are coming up and drive them back into the deck.  We also tighten any gates, hinges, etc.
  3. Sealing/Staining: Based on our client’s preference, we either use a sealing agent (clear-coat to waterproof) or paint based stain (waterproofing with many colors to choose from) to finish the deck protection process.

We have already booked ourselves for April and are looking towards May for the next round of work…will you be our next client?

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Spring Is Here???

The temperature is warming up and we have seen several properties with bulbs popping and greenery coming up through the ground.  We keep getting threatened with more snow, but the temperature is not dropping below freezing too much anymore.  Is Spring here?

Genesis Outdoor Services will be closing down our snow removal business over the next month as the mercury starts to inch up the thermometer.  Thus, our warmer weather businesses will start to “rev up” as spring approaches.  Keep us in mind for all you outdoor needs: landscaping, lawn/bed maintenance, deck maintenance, etc.  We’re here to help make your property look great.  Oh, and we have several great partners to pass along if you need any services we don’t provide: tree maintenance, gutter cleaning, concrete work, painting, fences, etc.

Have  a great March!

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Snow is here!

The first snow of the season hit early Saturday morning (12/4) in Chicago.  The city received about 2-4 inches depending on where in the city you live.  We received the first inch of snow by 7am and our crews were out from 7:30am until about 7:00pm…a very full day.  With four crews, two plow trucks and a ton of other equipment, we were able to cover all our clients effectively and efficiently.  Bring on the next round of snow!

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Snow? Not Yet, But Time To Get Ready…

It’s mid-September and we are finally cooling off from this summer, but winter (SNOW) is only 2.5 months away.  Genesis Outdoor Services is starting our purchasing and stockpiling for the 2010/2011 snow removal season.  We are getting many of our past clients signed up again and looking forward to adding any new clients to our schedule.  Thanks to all of you that are currently using our services and/or have referred your clients to us.  Much appreciated. 

 The sooner you are able to sign-up, the better the pricing based on early season equipment and supply discounts we receive.  If you or anyone you know are interested, we handle anything from single family homes, small buildings, commercial/retail spaces to large parking lots and large condo/townhome associations.  We are very competitively priced, so definitely give us a shot.  Call us @ 773.340.3737 0r email @

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Heat of Summer…Be Sure to Water!!!

We are receiving some much-needed rain today here in Chicagoland, but it has been a very hot and dry July.  June was a bit rainy, so our plants and lawns were well watered.  But with this heat and much less rain, make sure you are watering your plants and lawns on a regular basis…at least 3x/week, if not daily for 15-20 minutes.  We are maintaining several lawns throughout the city that are being scorched by the sun and heat b/c the owners are not watering enough. 

The simplest way to stay on top of this is to get a timer for your hose/sprinkler.  Two options: 1) the inexpensive route ($9.99) is to get a timer that lets you set how long the water will flow (5, 10, 15…60 minutes) and then it shuts off, but you have to remember to turn it each day or a couple of times each week; 2) a little pricier ($29.99 at Home Depot) is the auto-timer that will turn on and off based on the schedule you program. 

Another great option is a misting system that can be hidden under the soil or mulch in your beds.  A great option for the smaller lawns, gardens and planter boxes in the city. 

Enjoy your summer and keep your vegetation growing strong with a little TLC and watering.

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Summer Lawn Maintenance: Fertilize…Again…

We are finally past the June gloom and the onslaught of rain we received.  The heat is here and we are all enjoying our lush yards, gardens and planter boxes now.  But what is next? 

  • Yards: apply a mid-summer fertilizer to give your grass a boost.  Be sure to do it in the morning or evening so that you don’t burn the grass in the middle of the day when the sun/heat is the worst.  Give your yard a good watering afterwards.
  • Gardens/Pots/Planter Boxes: apply a gardening booster/fertilizer like Miracle Grow to give your plants an infusion of vitamins so that they can continue to grow strong and even BIGGER!!!

Keep up with your weeding and if you are having issues with bugs, there is a great product called “Total Kill” that kills bugs and keeps them off of your yard and other plants.  Just hook it up to your hose and give everything a good coating.

Enjoy your yard!!!

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Start Thinking About Lawn Maintenance…

Green, Lush LawnWe are about to get dumped on tonight and tomorrow (snow), but spring is on everyone’s mind as we all look forward to warmer weather.  Landscaping, yard maintenance and other outdoor projects are looming on the horizon, so now is a good time to start thinking about them.  A lush, green lawn is started with a good over-seeding and fertilizing in April.  Aerating your lawn is the first step and removes small 1″ plugs so that your lawn can breath and the fertilizer gets to the roots of the lawn.  Lots to consider…call with questions.

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